Muscle Soreness After Workout or Running

You felt fine during workouts, why is your muscle sore the next day? The soreness you’re feeling after a workout or running session is quite normal. It could happen to the best of athletes, not just to newbies. Depending on your prior activity, the soreness could last from a day to a few days. What […]

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11 Best Healthy Snacks List

Snacking is not necessarily a bad habit. However, you can turn them into something beneficial to your body if you know what to snack. Steer away from processed food, high sugar, and calories and you’re set to go. To make it easier, we list the best healthy snacks for you to choose from. 1. Crunchy […]

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Fasting Rules for Healthier You

The month we’ve been waiting for is finally here (yay!). So, we wanna share with you some superb Ramadhan fasting tips to help you get through the month. Healthy Suhur Never skip suhur as it is the most important meal of the day. Find time to prepare a healthy suhur. Simple food yet high in […]

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