Obstacle Course

Agility Training for Obstacle Course Race

If you’re contemplating to up your game in the next obstacle course race you’re entering, consider agility training. Agility can be defined as the ability to move swiftly and easily in a situation while still maintaining total control. Here we listed the benefits of agility training to further convince you to get on board with […]

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Reasons to Join Obstacle Course Challenge

Why suffer it all? Drenched in rain, soaked in mud and scratches on your shins seems like totally legit reasons to steer away from this highly popular sports. Well, we’re here to tell you, that’s not all there is to it. Read these top reasons why more and more people are signing up to Obstacle […]

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Which Obstacle Challenge to Participate?

A guide to choose the right obstacle challenge for you. Unlike other forms of fitness events, obstacle challenge shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a fast growing sport, a lot of aspect need consideration when you decide to participate. If you’re not careful, serious injuries could happen that’ll lead to permanent damage on your body. Rest […]

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Must Have Attire for Obstacle Challenge

What if my attire can make me a better mud runner? The right attire does actually make you a better runner and this is a no brainer. In Malaysia, obstacle course challenge can be consider a relatively new sporting event, so a lot of first timer wonders if their usual running attire can cut it. […]

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