Agility Training for Obstacle Course Race

If you’re contemplating to up your game in the next obstacle course race you’re entering, consider agility training. Agility can be defined as the ability to move swiftly and easily in a situation while still maintaining total control. Here we listed the benefits of agility training to further convince you to get on board with […]

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Get Instant Workout Motivation!

Post festive season and your motivation seem to be lost in between driving to your hometown and binge eating ketupats. That’s the thing with long holidays, it tends to drag you into an exercise rut, making you feel like you don’t have any energy left to hit the gym. Believe me when I say, the […]

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Which Obstacle Challenge to Participate?

A guide to choose the right obstacle challenge for you. Unlike other forms of fitness events, obstacle challenge shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a fast growing sport, a lot of aspect need consideration when you decide to participate. If you’re not careful, serious injuries could happen that’ll lead to permanent damage on your body. Rest […]

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Fasting Rules for Healthier You

The month we’ve been waiting for is finally here (yay!). So, we wanna share with you some superb Ramadhan fasting tips to help you get through the month. Healthy Suhur Never skip suhur as it is the most important meal of the day. Find time to prepare a healthy suhur. Simple food yet high in […]

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