Guide into Enjoying Yourself at Any Obstacle Course Challenge

Since you’ve paid to be there, might as will get the most fun out of it.

Though most of the time obstacle course are known as one of the most taxing sport there is, it can also bring great fun. Participants can always find pleasure when running in both extreme obstacle challenge or slower pace obstacle challenge. To maximise the enjoyment you’ll have, we suggest you to follow this guide.

1. Be Punctual
Rushing and panicking can easily kill the fun so try to arrive early at the venue. We always advise ur Warriors to be there preferably two hours before their assigned wave. We all know it’s gonna be packed with people and no matter how many registrations counters are open, the line is going to be looooongggg. Don’t let it kill your mood. Just enjoy the crowd while you’re at it.

Photo by Funk Dooby / CC BY-SA 2.0

2. Maintain Positivity
It’s actually normal to agonize in front of the biggest obstacle you see. However, don’t let that deter you from attempting it. It might reward your optimism and You might just be surprised how easy it is compared to what you’ve imagined in your head. Even if you fail, don’t beat yourself up strive for success in the next obstacles. Unless it’s an injury, nothing can really stop you from reaching the finish line.

Photo by MartaZ* / CC BY 2.0

3. Cheers for Warriors
Get your cheering mode on. When else can you watch live action challenge on obstacle course. After finishing your wave, we recommend you to stick around to watch and cheer other Warriors. Not only that it’s fun, you might learn a thing or two on beating the obstacles you’ve failed before.

Photo by Scania Group / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

4. Pack Essentials
For the love of mud, do not forget to bring your essentials. We’re talking about
change of clothes, your windbreaker, towel and your own drinking water. The courses will leave you tired, sore even, so you want to get most comfortable after the race ended. That way you’ll be able to enjoy yourself even more.

5. Remunerate Yourself
After a few hours of hard labour at the obstacle course (and on the registration line) you deserve to treat yourself with good food and a pat on the back. Choose from healthy and unhealthy array of food available at the venue. If food is not a good enough reward for you, check out sponsor’s’ booth and shop some exclusive items from them.

6. Turn it into a Family Event
Drag your whole family as your personal cheerleaders squad. Spectators spot are free so family and friends can get invited and join in the fun. The only difference is that, they can’t participate in the obstacle challenge. Instead, a whole lot of activities are being set up around the venue, such as sponsors booth and also gazillion number of food booth. They can also get to know more about obstacle course challenge and in return, you get to spend some quality time together.

Photo by Jacques Holst / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0