Popular Faces At Every Mad Warrior Obstacle Challenge

Sundown Super Sprint is approaching closer and we are all very excited for it, and its not just for the race itself, but also for the crowd. Mad Warrior gathers a lot of enthusiastic challengers  and they all come in different shapes, shades and faces. These are some popular faces of Warriors you can find in every obstacle race.

New Warriors

Can easily be detected from miles away, these obstacle challenge virgins are full of energy and may sometimes appear bipolar. Their expressions constantly changes real quick from “woot, woot, i’m hella excited” to “why did I sign up for this.”  

Costumed Warriors

Admit it, we can’t wait to see them and secretly wants to be them. You too have considered wearing those pink tutus, pixie wings and colorful tights at least a hundred times, but after a serious consideration on the amount of chaffing you’re gonna get from dragging that faux tail, you’d say “nah, maybe next time.”

Helpful Warriors

The essence of obstacle challenge has always been team work. Even if you dare yourself to sign up as a lone Warriors, you automatically became teammates to others in the same waves as you. We’ve seen Warriors got out of their way to help others, and that always sends a warm feelings in our heart. We just wanna say, We are proud of you!

Super Fit Warriors

Fully geared, those fitties Warriors you see at the start line and throughout the obstacle course makes you wish you’ve trained harder before coming to compete. You can’t fathom the amount of determination they have in completing every obstacles. The roar they let out when they arrived at the finish line sends shivers to your spine. This time in Sundown Super Sprint, the roars will be louder as they bag cash prizes  worth of RM12000 when they win as Elite Warrior!

True Warriors

Coated with mud from top to bottom, you can only see their white set of teeth grinning from ear to ear posing at the finishers podium. You can hear them talking non stop, discussing which obstacles are the best and which gave them a hard time. Before the race, they’re quite adamant that they’ve made a bad choice of participating, they now consider to search for next Obstacle challenge now that it has all over. These are the true Warriors of obstacle challenge!