Reasons to Join Obstacle Course Challenge

Why suffer it all?

Drenched in rain, soaked in mud and scratches on your shins seems like totally legit reasons to steer away from this highly popular sports. Well, we’re here to tell you, that’s not all there is to it. Read these top reasons why more and more people are signing up to Obstacle Challenges and why you should be doing the same too.

1. Running is Boring
Before I’m chased by marathoners with pitchforks, let me clarify what I meant. Not every one of us has the patience to do something so repetitive for hours straight. Essentially, that is what running might seem to be to some people. Obstacle course, on the other hand, gets you the benefits of running minus all the tedious work.

2. Obstacle Challenges Make Fitness Fun
With the growing popularity of obstacle challenge in the country, you can easily make it as a weekly fitness program on your schedule. Every weekend there’ll be an obstacle challenge happening and with that comes the training and boot camps. These camps are usually free, so sign up to one obstacle course event and reap the all the training classes you usually have to pay for.

3. Be Part of a Growing Fitness Community
One of the great things about working out other than getting fit, is you get to participate and interact with the community.  The number of obstacle challenges’ participants and enthusiasts are increasing steadily, it’s easy to get advice, help and set up training together to make a stronger you.

4. Clear Goal
The goal is literally right in front of you, standing tall and sturdy and all you’ve got to do is get past it. What’s different with other races and workout challenge events is, you sign up not to chase the titles, but rather to finish the course. Only a handful athletes compete for titles and prizes, but either way, you’ll be cheered like the top winner when you complete the challenge.

5. Ah-mazing Photos
Fitness sesh combines with photo ops, um yes, please! In any obstacle challenge event, there’ll be a group of photographers hired to only focus on participants. Organizers will even encourage participants to wear official bands so photographers can spot them easily. Being millennials, we sure are forever grateful that these events make it easier for us to fulfill the duty to our social medias and to our health.

What are you still waiting for? Come and sign up to your first obstacle challenge. It could be Sundown Super Sprint or any other events. To make it easier, register for Sundown Super Sprint here.